Cellar Door & Café

Our Cellar Door & Café is open daily from 10am – 5pm for wine, coffee and a selection of your favourite platters, savoury plates & house made desserts. Takeaway wine, cheese & grazing platters are also available.

Bookings are strongly recommended.
For a guided wine tasting or for table reservations.

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Café Menu

Polenta Batons $17.50
Tossed in rosemary salt, served with aioli & relish. (V) (VE – without aioli)

Falafel Bowl (4) $21.50
House-made chickpea falafels, herb quinoa, with sumac, carrot & caraway seed labneh, pomegranate molasses and pickled red cabbage. (VE)

Japanese Sticky Prawn Rice Bowl $23.00
Togarashi-honey prawns, warm sushi rice, pickled ginger, miso eggplant, sesame beans.

Beef Brisket Sliders (3) $21.50
Texan style shredded beef brisket in a brioche slider bun, served with pickled zucchini and house made BBQ sauce. (Contains Gluten and Dairy)

Wild Mushroom Arancini (3) $19.50
House-made wild mushroom & parmesan arancini with basil mayo. (V) (Contains Dairy)

Beef Kofta Curry $23.00
Mild beef kofta curry with warm roti paratha, raita and fresh coriander (Contains Gluten)

Pulled Pork Tacos (3) $23.00
Grilled corn tacos topped with slow cooked pulled pork, corn salsa, refried beans,
served with jalapenos and Tomatillo ranch dressing.

Crisp Fried Calamari  $22.50
Calamari with a Greek salad, lemon and house made tartare sauce. (Without Dairy option available – exclude Feta cheese)

Buttermilk Chicken  $19.50
Spiced fried chicken pieces with aioli. (Contains Dairy)

Peking Duck Bao Buns (3)  $23.00
Steamed bao buns with Peking Duck & spring onion, served with spicy Sichuan pickled cucumber and plum dipping sauce.. (Contains Gluten) (May contain traces of Dairy)

Grazing Platter   $49.50
Chargrilled vegetables, house made dip, marinated Victorian olives, smoked salmon, marinated bocconcini, marinated Yarra Valley Dairy cow's fetta & a selection of cured meats and local cheese with warmed ciabatta bread and crackers. (VOA) (VEOA) (Contains Gluten & Dairy) (Without Gluten option & may contain traces of Dairy option available) 

Cheese Platter   $39.50
Variety of cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, caramelised fig & quince jam with crackers. (V) (Contains Gluten and Dairy) (Without Gluten option available)
- Pyengana St Columba Blue (Pyengana, Tasmania) mature, smooth & creamy texture with a blue bite. 
- Mount Shadwell Organic Tomme (Mortlake,Victoria) semi-hard, rich earthy & sweet nutty notes. 
- Milawa Cheese Co. Brie (Milawa, Victoria) mild buttery flavour with a velvety soft texture. 
- Yarra Valley Dairy Black Savourine (Yering, Yarra Valley) ash coated, mature goat’s milk cheese.

Cheese Platter PLUS   $48.50
Variety of cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, caramelised fig & quince jam with crackers PLUS house made dips (2) & marinated Victorian olives. (V) (Contains Gluten and Dairy) (Without Gluten option available)

Traditional Lemonade Scones (2)    $12.00
House made scones with local raspberry jam & cream. (Contains Gluten and Dairy)

Famous Yarrawood Cheesecake    $13.00
Served with double cream & raspberry coulis. (Contains Gluten and Dairy)

Crème Brulee    $13.50
Raspberry and lemon scented Crème Brulee with a rich shortbread finger. (Contains Gluten and Dairy) (Without Gluten - exclude shortbread finger)

Sticky Date & Walnut Pudding    $13.50
Served with a butterscotch sauce and double cream. (Contains Gluten and Dairy)

Chocolate Tart    $13.50
House baked individual chocolate tart, pear poached in Late Harvest Verdelho, served with double cream and raspberry sauce. (Contains Dairy)

Children’s Toasties (Contains Gluten and Dairy) (Without Gluten option available - excluding Vegemite):
Ham $7   /   Ham & Cheese $8
Vegemite $7 / Vegemite & Cheese $8

Children’s Ice Cream  $4.50
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce & sprinkles. (Contains Gluten and Dairy)

(V) Vegetarian Friendly  |  (VE) Vegan Friendly  | (VEOA)  Vegan Friendly Option Available  I  (VOA) Vegetarian Friendly Option Available   

* We make every effort to ensure the above dietary requirements are accommodated, but our kitchen cannot guarantee menu items are allergen free.  Our kitchen prepares meals that contain gluten, soy, nuts and dairy.  For further information please request a copy of our Ingredient  Guide.

Please kindly note - a 15% surcharge is applied to regular dine in food, beverage and wine tasting prices on public holidays. 
The surcharge is reflective of higher operating costs on public holidays.  The surcharge does not apply to takeaway wine.

We thank you for your understanding.

Wine List and other Beverages

All Yarrawood Wines Are 100% Vegan Friendly

Riesling (Dry) Glass $13.50 Bottle $41.00

Sauvignon Blanc Glass $13.50 Bottle $41.00

Verdelho Glass $13.50 Bottle $41.00

Chardonnay Glass $14.00 Bottle $43.00

Autumn Harvest Riesling (RS: 83g/L) Glass $13.50 Bottle $41.00 - 750 mL

Late Harvest Riesling (RS: 83g/L) Glass $13.50 Bottle $42.00 - 500 mL

Late Harvest Verdelho (RS: 110g/L) Glass $13.50 Bottle $42.00 - 500 mL

Rosé (RS: 0.38g/L) Glass $13.50 Bottle $41.00

Pinot Noir Glass $14.00 Bottle $45.00

Merlot Glass $14.00 Bottle $43.00

Cabernet Merlot Glass $14.00 Bottle $43.00

Cabernet Sauvignon Glass $14.00 Bottle $45.00

Shiraz Glass $14.00 Bottle $45.00

Barrel Select Pinot Noir Glass $17.50 Bottle $72.00

Barrel Select Shiraz Glass $17.50 Bottle $72.00

Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon Glass $17.50 Bottle $72.00

Botrytis Riesling (RS: 130g/L) Glass $14.00 Bottle $45.00

Nipper (light) (2.9% Alc/Vol) – Watts River330mL Bottle $10.00

Lager - Hargreaves Hill 330mL Bottle $10.00

Pale Ale – Watts River 330mL Bottle $11.00

Cappuccino, Café Latte, Flat White, Long Black, Macchiato, Mocha Cup $4.90 Mug $5.80

Hot Chocolate Mug $5.80

Prana Chai Mug $5.80

Loose leaf Yarra Valley Tea Company English Breakfeast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile, Green Tea Pot for one $5.00

Optional Soy Milk | Oat Milk Add $0.80

Orange Juice 350mL Bottle $6.00

Apple Juice 350mL Bottle $6.00

Coke, Coke Zero Sugar 330mL Bottle $5.00

Hepburn Springs sparkling: Organic Lemonade, Organic Lemon Lime & Bitters 300mL Bottle $6.00

S. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 250mL Bottle $4.60 / 750mL Bottle $8.00