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M.A. Hobbs has been producing oil on canvas artworks for more than forty years, and currently operates out of a small, home-based creative studio in Berwick, Victoria.  As the mother of one of our employees, she is part of the Yarrawood family.

With a particular focus on seascapes and landscapes, she works primarily from photographs of her travel experiences, both within Australia and abroad.

Art is an enjoyable hobby for M.A. Hobbs. She especially enjoys illustrating the drama of a cloud-filled sky and the crashing of ocean waves, drawing constant inspiration from the natural world.

To learn more about M.A.Hobbs, please visit www.facebook.com/mahobbsoiloncanvas or www.bluethumb.com.au/m-a-hobbs


With a Masters Degree in Zoology, John’s work expresses his deep love for animals and their conservation.

John is a keen volunteer at the Healesville Sanctuary, which is a great source of inspiration for his Australian Animals and Birds series.

John’s art has won many awards, not least the Young Artist Award at the Yarra Glen Art Show 2015.

Being a Zoologist John’s linocuts and dry-point etchings truly capture his subject’s unique beauty.

A large selection of both M A Hobbs and John Sharp’s work is currently on display within our Café, and available for purchase now.



Art at Linden Gate

YARRAWOOD ESTATE is a proud and continuing supporter of Art at Linden Gate.

The Art at Linden Gate gallery exhibits work by artists from many backgrounds and disciplines and at different stages of their careers, many of whom are local. This family-owned gallery sits among the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley. Built of mud-brick and solid timber in 1989 by well known sculptor, Ernst Fries, the gallery has been providing quality art to discerning art lovers for over 25 years.

Art at Linden Gate is located at 899 Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd, Yarra Glen. Ph 03 9730 1861.

Gallery hours: 10-5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Public Holidays.

To find out more visit www.artatlindengategallery.com.au

Below is the full list of Art at Linden Gate exhibitions that are sponsored by YARRAWOOD ESTATE.

Chinese Australian Contemporary Artists (CACA) – Celebration of Years 

11th January to 11th February 2019

Exhibition Opening Event 12th January, 1pm to 3pm.

The Chinese Australian Contemporary Artists is a group of artists who strive to bring two cultures together. CACA is not only about traditional Chinese art forms like ink painting, calligraphy and folk art. Born in China and raised in Australia, their unique experiences have helped them grow. With these links to eastern and western cultural perceptions, they come together to create new contemporary art. The members of CACA have been awarded many national art prizes over the last 20 years.

Artists include: BAI Xiao Yu, CAI Echo, CHEN Ping, CHEN Zhong, FU Hong, HE Jimmy, HE Pei Pei,
KUANG Zai, LI Yinghong, NONG Jiaxin, XIE Chaohui

To find out more about the exhibition click here.


31st May to 24th June 2019

Mt Lilydale Mercy College – VCE Studio Arts

20th September to 7th October 2019

Mt Evelyn and Yarra Valley Art Society Exhibition 

13th December 2019 to Mid January 2020

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Summer of Live Music

Our Summer of Live Music has now concluded, but will recommence on Saturday 2nd November 2019.